About Natasha

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Hello, It’s Natasha!
I am a young actress, model and tween-influencer from Los Angeles.
I booked my first national commercial at the age of 5 and since then I appeared in 18 spots that aired nationally. I became a member of SAG-AFTRA in 2017.
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I am also a competitive swimmer and won multiple competitions in my age group. My first experience in the pool, was when I was three months old, when my mom took me to a mommy and me class. When I am not on set, or in the pool, I enjoy reading, playing Roblox and being on wheels.
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I was born in Santa Monica. My mom, Sophie, is originally from Belgium, and my dad, Kevin, from Guatemala. As a result, I am ethnically diverse, I speak English and French fluently, and understand Spanish. My mom is a pharmacist, a data analyst, and a neuroscientist who studies the genetics of Alzheimer’s disease. My dad is a quality engineering manager in the aerospace industry. My parents are my personal photographers, as they love to create unique memories of me growing up.
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My blog focuses on tween’s lifestyle, my acting journey, my swimming training, my trips across the globe, and many other things that I enjoy doing with my parents and want to share with you.
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Welcome to my blog and I hope you’ll enjoy getting to know me!

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